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Warum ProQua

  • Hohes Organisationsvermögen, flexibel und anpassungsfähig
  • Studienoptionen, die zu Ihrem Berufsleben passen
  • Qualifizierte und erfahrene Dozenten
  • Eigener APICS-Bücher- und Examensservice
  • Hohe Absolventenzahlen

Unsere Kunden

"Finally after a year of hard work, proudbly can announce that my APICS CPIM certificate is achieved. Special thanks to REEF and Proqua - The Supply Chain Trainer that contributed and organized well prepared classes. During these sessions I experienced a very pleasant atmosphere and gained tons of Logistic knowledge that comes in handy for my daily work. Thanks Thomas Moonen, Gert Vanlier and Sandra Dekkers for your support”

Mike Brekelmans